Landing Craft Support MkII Kit

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This is a 1/35 scale mixed medium kit of a Landing Craft Support MkII.

These were developed in 1942 to provide close fire suppprt for the amphibious assault landings increasingly carried out by the British forces during WWII.

Based on the same design as the Landing craft Assault but of a welded construction. These support craft were deployed on the flanks of the troop carrying LCAs and would close with the enemy strong points and pillboxes to provide suppression fire and smoke cover during the assault.

Armament was twin 0.5 inch Vickers heavy machine guns in a purpose made turret, and a 4 inch B.L Naval smoke mortar in the foreward weapon pit. These weapons were also often supplimented by 2 or 3 crew members operating Vickers K machine guns for added firepower. Total crew was 11

Kit contains some hand made items.

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