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About Us

International Models Asia (HK) is an enterprising company that encompasses a vast array of experience and resources focused on architectural models. From the Reichstag in Germany to Seoul International Airport in Korea, the Hong Kong Central Station or even Qingdao in China ..... our models include some of the world's most renown buildings.

Along with our international experience, our strategic competitive advantage lies in strong relationships
and unparalleled flexibility. By working closely with our clients, IMA (HK) can fully comprehend what clients would like to be expressed through the model. Then, together, we can develop a true growing design process into a unique model.

Flexibility is also a key factor. We believe that every building (in the initial stages of development) could transform into several different creations before the final option is submitted. For this reason we have evolved a flexible method to allow the architects and designers to explore all the available avenues through the use of three dimensional models. By enabling the best design to be visualised at the early stages of the creative process, our flexible approach to modelmaking is highly cost effective.

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We also supply modelmaking tools, materials, accessories and kits, mainly of 20th Century Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). Please come and vistit our kit site.