FLY Class River Gunboat Kit

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This is a 1/192 scale waterline kit of Fly Class River Gunboats built in 1915 amd 1916 for use on the Tigris and Euphrates river.

A total of 16 of these small craft were built, and shipped in pieces for assembly at Abadan on the Persian Gulf.

Although originally only armed with one 4"QF Gun and 4 x .303 Maxim machine guns, some were later to carry an additional 12 pounder QF gun, 6 pounder QF gun, 3pdr AA, and 2 pdr pom pom. At the end, these small boats boasted a formidable amount of firepower for their size and were used by both the Navy and Army mainly for shore bombardment, These boats saw considerable use with a total of 3 lost in action. By 1923 the last one had been sold off.

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