Marmon Herrington Mk.II Kit

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Price:US$ 72.00
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NOW UPGRADED. Further to new information acquired.

This Kit has now been upgraded with Tow hooks, Vickers MG mount, New rear doors, Sand Channels, rear seats, and other small detailing.

Marmon herrington Mk II full resin kit, cast in light grey resin, with interior. Kit allows the construction of the Marmon Herrington with a single vickers in the turret, or turret with Boyes and Bren guns, with vickers AA. The top deck can be removed to allow the conversion with the 37mm Pak anti-tank gun from Tamiya. Or turret can be removed with the Vickers mounted on the hull. Kit comes with interior, vickers, and boyes guns. The Marmon Herrington Armoured car was also converted to carry the Italian 47mm anti-tank gun, 20mm Breda, French 25mm, and German 37mm anti-tank guns.

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Model and Photography by Leigh HardwickModel and Photography by Leigh Hardwick
Model and photography by Leigh HardwickModel and photography by Leigh Hardwick
Mounted with Tamiya Pak A/T 37mmMounted with Tamiya Pak A/T 37mm
Mounted with Tamiya Pak A/T 37mmMounted with Tamiya Pak A/T 37mm